Soluna's Featurette

So... Soluna's Secret just got featured on's front page:

I'll be honest: it was a bit of a shock. All of a sudden I see there's been this noticable spike in views and downloads for the game, and it's being put on the same shelf as both free and paid including Dash Craft and . Now my knee-jerk reaction to this is to let this tiny bit of publicity go to my head. To get rush on with the development of the full game right away without a care in the world. To scream from the rooftops and let everyone know that 'HOLY SMEG YOU GUYS I JUST GOT FEATURED ON ITCH.IO'.

But I have a better idea.

How about I just calmly acknowledge it, state how grateful I am to anyone that may have helped in this endevour, and move on? Yeah. That sounds about right. It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings. There's still at least two weeks of voting to come. Who knows what might happen?

Until next time...

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