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The following is a playable prototype, that I have made as part of an assessment for my Games Software Development course at University. It is possibly infested with bugs and glitches, and is nowhere near done. I hope for this to become a completed game someday.

Be sure to provide some feedback in the comments!


You are a cat, and there is lava.

Said lava is rising towards you, and fast!

So prepare to make a daring escape through... a volcano, I guess? Yeah, let's call it that for now.

Scrambling your way upward through traps (not yet implemented), terror (if you're easily scared) and a palpable amount of tension!

Though giving up is indeed a viable option...

provided you like barbecue.


As of right now, the game only supports keyboard controls. Seeing as you turned on your computer, and navigated to this page all in one piece, everything should be fine and ready to go;


  • [Left] - Move Left (Steer Left in Mid-Air)
  • [Right] - Move Right (Steer Right in Mid-Air)
  • [Space Bar] - Jump (but not in mid-air, that's impossible)


  • [Esc] - Force Quit
  • [F5] - Restart Game (very useful if you die)

System Requirements

As a 2D platformer with little to nothing fancy to it, don't sweat.

I estimate that any Windows rig circa 2005 could run this thing;

  • Windows XP or higher
  • An internal screen resolution above 1024 x 768
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 128 MB Graphics ...What's that supposed to mean?

Install instructions

In order to play the game, find the location of the '.exe' file using the File Browser, and double click to run it. You should be able to play from there!

It's so straightforward, a monkey could do it*!

*I accept no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that occur from allowing monkeys to operate computer equipment.


Rising Lava Prototype.exe 2 MB

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